eyedee.me is an example "Persona IdP" - that is, a web site that you can get a (non-functional) email address that is optimized for use with Persona.

This is not a real product. It is just an example to show people how they can build first-class BrowserID support into their existing email product.

To get your very own eyedee.me address so you can try it out, just .

You can learn more about this feature on our blog, review the implementation of eyedee.me on github, or get the full details in the docs.

To sign into an existing eyedee.me account, or get a new one, just provide a username and password:

Username: @eyedee.me

Welcome to your eyedee.me account! To see how "primary" support works in BrowserID, you can go log into any site that supports BrowserID using <your username>@eyedee.me as your email address.